Steve Andersen, a Minneapolis native, has done some automotive mythmaking of his own. From the age of sixteen Steve has been under the spell of internal combustion. Starting with his first hot rod in the late ‘50’s, he progressed to drag racing. First gas rails and then Top Fuel dragsters in the early ‘60’s.  In the early ‘80’s he showed the very first pro street hot rod ’32 Ford coupe in ISCA history and then he built the infamous Frankenstude, an all wheel drive, ‘48 Studebaker based car that set the trend for the modern custom and led to the incarnation of the Dare-To-Be-Different movement in hot rodding.

Steve’s latest effort is the Medeusa, a venomous six hundred horsepower demon that trumpets her battle scream through a “nest of snakes” set of headers reminiscent of her namesake’s coiffure. This chopped and channeled version of the legendary Deuce Coupe is sure to terrify more than a few brave souls in the stoplight wars to come. If you’re feeling brave, go ahead and challenge Medeusa, just don’t forget to polish your shield and don’t be surprised if you find yourself turned to stone right there at your favorite intersection.

    Mike Chase


1932 Ford 5-W Coupe

Owned by Steve Andersen; Minneapolis, MN

Built by Vescio’s Customizing; Rogers, MN

Body: FoMoCo

Frame: Deuce Steel; Escondido, CA

Front end, rear end & suspension: SoCal

Engine: Cottrell Racing Engines; Chaska, MN

Headers: Mike “the Tubester” Cooper

Flames: Chip Foose

Wheels: Halibrand Sprints


Body: Sectioned 2” ~  Chopped 3” ~ Channeled 4”

           Hood stretched 4”  ~  Grille chopped 4” 

Louvers: Steve’s Auto Restorations; Portland, OR

Engine: Chevy  372ci  ~  575hp

Transmission: 700 R4

Rear end: Ford 9” ~  3:88 Richmond gear

Muffler system: Flowmaster custom

Very Special Thanks !!! to . . . Bo Vescio and his talented crew, Pete Chapouris & John Reid @ SoCal, Myron Cottrell, Mike Cooper, Steve Driscoll, Jerry Gruwell, Dave LeMieur and my great friends Mike Chase and Chip Foose.